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Miki Raver

Dear Dr. Haren Pandya,

Few are the craftsmen who are also artists and even fewer are the artists who are considered craftsmen. You however, represent the finest of the marriage of both these talents. On Tuesday last, upon seeing the gleam in your eyes after having completed the last plateau after many months of vigilance of the installation of my  implant, you were a sight to behold. And to think that I too became a “star” for thirty seconds after being asked to “open up” in front of three of your colleagues in order for them to witness the bounty of your efforts - well, the whole ordeal just threw me for a loop!

Many, many thanks “Doc” for giving me the opportunity to set my toaster on “DARK” again in order to prepare my English muffin – for now I am once again able to “chomp down” all sorts of foods and textures. While we have not taken advantage of your generosity in the gift giving department as of this writing, we wanted you to know that we shall soon and at the same time, “toast” to you talents. Many thanks again. Respectfully,

Miki Raver