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Why is it called Wisdom Tooth?

Wisdom teeth are the third molars. Normally people have three permanent molars that develop in each quadrant of the mouth; upper, lower, right and left. The first molars usually grow into the mouth at around six years of age. The second molars grow in at around age 12. The third molars usually will try to grow in at around age 17 to 21 years. Since that is considered to be the age when people become wiser, third molars gained the nickname, "wisdom teeth." Actually, they are no different than any other tooth except that they are the last teeth to erupt, or grow into the mouth. They are just as useful as any other tooth if they grow in properly, have a proper bite relationship and have healthy gum tissue around them.this does not always happen.

What are wisdom tooth symptoms?

If not in the proper position ,wisdom tooth can cause pain,swelling,restriction of mouth opening,radiating pain to the head and neck,probability ofcyst or tumour formation in the long run if not removed

What is Impaction?

When third molars are prevented from erupting into the mouth properly, they are referred to as impacted.  Impacted teeth may cause problems, such as infection, decay of adjacent teeth, gum disease or formation of a cyst (fluid-filled sac) or tumor from the follicle, which is the tissue that formed the crown of the tooth. Many dentists recommend removal of impacted wisdom teeth to prevent potential problems.

When to Remove Wisdom Teeth

The following symptoms may indicate that the wisdom teeth have erupted and surfaced, and should be removed before they become impacted, in other words, the teeth have surfaced and have no room in the mouth to grow. However, each individual may experience symptoms differently. 

Symptoms may include: 

• Pain
• Infection in the mouth
• Facial swelling
• Swelling of the gumline in the back of the mouth

# cyst or tumour formation

Is wisdom tooth pain different?

Pain originating from a aisdom toothh can be


radiating to head and neck

or deep throbbing in variety

What is the wisdom tooth extraction cost?

The cost of wisdom tooth extraction ranges from 3000INR TO 12000INR PER TOOTH 70 USD approx. to 250 usd per tooth depending upon the type of the wisdom molar and its depth in to the bone.   An Oral surgeon/Maxillo-facial surgeon is qualified to remove wisdom teeth with expertise and ease who has done masters in dental surgery for the same.Since the area below the wisdom tooth has a major nerve and blood vessels so it is advisable to get it removed by an expert like DR HAREN PANDYA WHO HAS 16 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN THIS ASPECT.

Anaesthesia for removing wisdom tooth?

Wisdom tooth can be removed under Local as well as general anaesthesia.Simple uncomplicated removal /extraction of tooth can be carried out under local anaesthesia/local anaesthesia with sedation.deep seated wisdom molars,anxious patients,fearful /apprehensive patients are taken care of at our place by the ambience of the clinic and facilities for sedation techniques

Many oral health specialists will recommend removal of the wisdom teeth before they are fully developed, usually in the adolescent years,as early removal will help to eliminate problems, such as an impacted tooth that destroys the second molar. 

Wisdom tooth extraction involves accessing the tooth through the soft and hard tissue, gently detaching the connective tissue between the tooth and the bone and removing the tooth. Extractions can be performed under local anesthesia or general anaesthesia by AN ORAL & MAXILLO-FACIAL SURGEON..

Who is qualified to extract wisdom tooth /Dentist for wisdom tooth extraction?

An expert who has done master of dental surgery in the subject of oral surgery i.e an ORAL SURGEON IS QUALIFIED TO remove the wisdom tooth with expertise and ease.Since the area below the wisdom tooth has major nerves and blood vessels it is advisable to get such removal/surgery done by A SENIOR ORAL SURGEON LIKE DR. HAREN PANDYA WITH VAST CLINICAL EXPERIENCE OF 16 YEARS  OF REMOVING WISDOM TOOTH/ THIRD MOLAR IN AHMEDABAD.GUJARAT.INDIA.

Do we need a tooth implant after wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom molars need not be replaced by a tooth implant if they were not in alignment before removal or if the opposite tooth was absent.if they were straight  and carious before removal and opposite tooth is in arch then they can be replaced by a tooth implant

Relief from wisdom tooth pain?

Wisdom tooth should be removed to get rid of the pain permenently

pain after removal can be reduced by taking the prescribed anagesics and antibiotics by the oral surgeon and also  by using ice compress for the first two days ,soft food,avoiding hard and hot food and drinks and avoiding gargling.